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Netafim is the global leader in smart water solutions for agriculture. Since1965, we have been leading the way by developing solutions that will help our customers gain higher quality crops and greater yields while minimizing the use of valuable resources. 

Working with nature, not against it.
Efficiency not only benefits your bottom line, but the environment too. Using land, water and energy in a smarter and more responsible way helps protect the world's natural resources. By using everything from water to CO2 in a more intelligent way, we're committed to protecting the world's natural resources. More conservation means more results, today and tomorrow. That's why our solutions not only benefit your bottom line, but the environment too.

Growing natural resources and your bottom line.
Our lines of business are divided into three categories: Irrigation, Greenhouses and Bio-Energy. Each business is dedicated to defining and creating smart, relevant solutions for our global customer base. We work with nature to make sure nature works with us.

More growth with less water
As the global leader in smart water solutions for agriculture and landscape, our mission is to promote a global change in how water is used in agriculture. By producing technologically advanced and sustainable responses, we are meeting today's modern irrigation needs.

More knowledge. Less risk.
We give you the benefit of our experience in all climates and crops. You have the reassurance that your greenhouse has been tailor-made to your needs and makes the most of agronomical factors and technological innovation to boost your profitability. Our global expertise means our local teams are equipped to provide you with any help and support you may need.

More experience. Less risk
We have established a leading position in growing renewable energy crops. Netafim provides quality products, first-class services and operational support at a global level. Netafim makes bio-energy commercially viable by ensuring reliable quantities, timely supplies and superior crop quality all while reducing production costs and the risks involved.