Brighten up your landscape.
With beautiful low maintenance Trees from D&J Nursery

Trees can have a great visual and environmental effect on our living areas. Trees are effective in modifying our climate. They remove air pollutants and create cool areas for people and plants. They improve our peace of mind and give a sense of permanence to tree lined streets and community parks. Choose the right tree to fit your site and to fulfill your needs.

Shade Trees:

  • Chinese Pistache
  • Oak Trees
  • Maples
  • Elms
  • Ash

Flowering Trees:

  • Crape Myrtles
  • Flowering Pears
  • Eastern Redbuds
  • Fringe Trees

Speciality Trees:

  • Japanese Maples
  • Flowering Cherry
  • Japanese Magnolia







What kind of tree are you going to plant? This question requires some thought. For shade we need a tree that gets tall to fill a sunny space. For showy flowers, there are many small trees that will grow in sun or shade. Either should be attractive, with good form, healthy leaves and be relatively maintenance free. However, there is more to consider. Select a specific tree adapted to your specific site. They must be cold hardy and heat tolerant, adapted to your soil, and have space to grow and mature. They should be adapted to the sun or shade of your site and be pest free.

When it comes to landscape planning, think of trees as your foundation. Where they put down their roots is where they will stay for life. And because most trees have incredible potential for growth and long life spans, the number one priority when shopping for them is ensuring that your selected planting location will allow them to flourish now and in the future.

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