Lemon, Lime, Orange, Satsumas, Plum, Peach and More.

The perfect gift for the gardener, select from $25 to $500 and we will send the voucher.


We can deliver for a minimal fee within a local zone, please ask for details. Don't want to dirty your vehicle or is it just too small to carry your purchase?

Irrigation Supplies

Irrigation Supplies

Sprinkler heads, nozzles, valves, tubing, drip irrigation and more.
Plants & Trees

Plants & Trees

We know the what, when, why and how of all of the wonderful plants that grow in our zone..


Concrete garden pieces, mulch, potting soils, fertilizers, decorative pieces for your yard.

About Us

D & J Nursery is situated on 5 acres and consist of 8 greenhouses in growing material.  We offer a little bit of everything. Trees, shrubs, flowers and numerous seasonal and specialty items. D & J Nursery in Dothan, Alabama, is the place where green is always in season.

In addition to our green goods, we also offer a wide variety of hard good items. We are a dealer for Netafim and Jain micro/drip irrigation products and we carry a selection of fertilizers and chemicals, such as insecticides and fungicides.

With our large array of items and genuine customer service, you can enjoy a great nursery experience.


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